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A Smile For Kids is a nonprofit organization providing free and affordable braces to underserved kids in Oregon 

The new Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid Orthodontic benefit (Braces) took effect on January 1, 2023, for OHP Members under 21 years old.


The ASK program is available for kids 11-17 years old, who have a severe need for braces but do not qualify for the new OHP orthodontic benefit. With this new benefit in place, all applicants will need to follow the steps outlined below BEFORE applying to ASK:


  • Contact your regular Primary Care Dentist (PCD) to schedule an evaluation of your child’s orthodontic need. This is the dentist that normally takes care of annual checkups, cavities, teeth cleaning, etc. If your child qualifies for braces, your dentist will refer them to a Medicaid Provider Orthodontist for the next step.    


  • If your child DOES NOT qualify for braces through the OHP benefit, you may fill out the ASK web form for A Smile for Kids (ASK) on the "How to get started" page. Make sure you upload a copy of your OHP denial letter in the form. The ASK program manager will contact you for more information within two business days.

If you don’t know who your child’s Primary Care Dentist is, or they haven’t been assigned one yet, you can click on this link Dental Care Organization (DCO) and ask them to help you assign a dentist or tell you who your child has been assigned.


If you don’t know who your DCO is, you can contact your Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) listed in the same link as above. They will give you the information if you have your child's OHP Member ID number.

*** If you are not currently on OHP but need to check if you qualify - click here: Apply for OHP ***

Here's How you Find Your DCO.png

What We Do

A Smile For Kids removes the obstacle of crooked teeth by providing orthodontic treatment to under-served Oregon children throughout Oregon. A Smile For Kids has a specific focus on helping those kids that are suffering from ridicule and bullying due to the look of their teeth and lack the resources for “braces” without the assistance of A Smile For Kids.

Qualifications for Applying

The child needs to be 11-17 years of age, have a severe need for braces, is without financial resources for treatment, has good oral hygiene habits, and will be living in their current community for a minimum of 2 years. In addition, a professional referral from an adult other than a relative will be contacted to verify that the child is suffering from low self-esteem due to the look of their teeth.

Program Requirements

In addition to orthodontic treatment requirements, all recipients are required to have grades of a "C" or above and volunteer 4 hours per month in their community during the entire treatment time.

How Are We Funded

A Smile For Kids is funded through a combination of discounted services from our partnering orthodontist and generous donations from corporate and private donors. A Smile For Kids does not receive state or federal dollars.


kids have received orthodontic treatment.


Oregon orthodontists partner with ASK.


percent of ASK kids graduate high school (2014-2018).


 average hours of monthly volunteer service completed by ASK kids.

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