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Apply for Braces Through ASK

Updated: Nov 16

If you have contacted your primary care dentist, completed your initial orthodontic evaluation, are 17 years old or younger, and have been denied officially with a letter from your Medicaid dental insurance or Coordinated Care Organization, then ASK might be a good next step for you if you live anywhere in Oregon.

Ages covered by ASK and Medicaid:

  • OHP/Medicaid: 20 years old and younger

  • ASK Non-profit: 17 years old and younger

Here are the easiest way to contact A Smile for Kids: 

  1. Fill out an intake form on the website and the case manager will contact you:

  2. Call or text the case manager: Kasey (541-280-9799) 

  3. Email the case manager: 

You can find out more information about the requirements for applying to the ASK braces program. In some cases we might ask you to file an appeal with your dental insurance if the original Medicaid decision was unclear.

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