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Updated: Nov 15

Working with A Smile for Kids (ASK) Non-profit

If you are interested in becoming a partnering orthodontist for the ASK non-profit program, this is what you should know:

  • ASK qualifies all ASK recipients through a rigorous application process.

  • ASK partnering providers (you) decide how many  ASK patients they will treat.

  • Providers share the initial orthodontic consultation results with the ASK screening committee,

  • Providers are paid a discounted flat fee for orthodontic treatment, in full, after the initial banding appointment.

  • ASK provides compliance service for both the ASK patient & the provider.

  • ASK patients are required to complete monthly volunteer service throughout their entire orthodontic treatment.

  • ASK patients are required to keep grades in all classes at a "C" or higher. This means that they are committed to treatment.

  • ASK assists with care coordination and funding for additional dental services (extractions, oral surgery, etc) that are necessary for the patients to have a successful orthodontic outcome.

For more information on becoming an ASK nonprofit Orthodontic provider, please contact Michael Emery at 541-497-0020 or

Working with the Oregon Orthodontic Benefit through Medicaid/OHP:

If you would like more information about becoming a Medicaid provider for OHP members that have been approved for braces through the benefit then please contact: Michael Emery at 541-497-0020 or

  • OHP/Medicaid: 20 years old and younger

  • ASK Non-profit: 17 years old and younger

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