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Where Are They Now....? Cora

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

700+ kids have gone through the ASK program, keeping their grades up and committing to the volunteer requirement throughout their entire orthodontic treatment. This has resulted in a high graduation rate for our kids.

When we speak at events, the audience loves to hear about the kids we currently have as active participants in the program, but there's a growing interest in the long term effects and finding out how past recipients are doing now.

Every person's story and their path is unique and we never expect any two kids to have the same story. With that said, here's Cora, a person, who after her orthodontic treatment from Dr. Doleac, has taken the bull by the horn and giving life a run for its money:

Cora is determined to graduate from Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas with a degree in business and then enter the Air Force. In order for Cora to receive treatment through ASK, she had to raise her grades and consequently, she did! This commitment to success has been a recurring theme in Cora's life. Thank you for inspiring the rest of us, Cora!

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