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Update on Matching Fundraising Funds As Of 08/19/20

You might recall that ASK had a generous donor challenge us to raise $50,000 in 2020 which they would then match - resulting in a total of $100,000! We are currently at:

$28,108.82 - Donated by individuals in 2020

This means the we still need to raise $ 21,891.18 in order NOT to leave any $$ on the table. With a total of $100,000 in our program budget, we can branch out and help more underserved kids with orthodontic treatment.

When you sponsor a child with braces, we ask that you commit to $3,000 over a two year period, but if that $3,000 is all paid within this year, you will be sponsoring two kids for the price of one. Imagine the impact you will have on two kids' lives and future.

If you want to take your fundraising efforts to Facebook - we'd love that two. We have a fundraising post that will allow you to donate directly, but we also encourage you to use peer-2-peer fundraising and crowdfunding. If you know a group of 30 people, you can change a life with $100 donations - actually you can change two lives!!!

Fundraise on Facebook here:

Or click the ASK "Donate" link here: DONATE

Or if you'd rather just mail a check or walk cash in to our office, we are at :

446 SW 7th Street

Redmond OR 97756

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