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Sharing Best Practices Between Orthodontists

Since we sometimes act as a hub between Orthodontists in Oregon and a small part of Eastern Idaho, we understand that when one orthodontist implements something, others might be able to recycle the idea.

A Smile for Kids is communicating with all the families in our program to let them know what to expect during the COVID-19 crisis so that we can pick up where we left off when clinics open for non-emergencies again.

You are of course all aware of the materials available from the AAO as a guide for helping your patients virtually until June 15. We just wanted to share the communication that Dr. Juliana Panchura has broadcast in two languages to her patients, in case you can use ideas from her communication below:


The Governor of Oregon has mandated that all non-urgent dental (including orthodontic) procedures be postponed until after June 15. We will not see our regularly scheduled patients in the office. However, to maintain your progress we will conduct VIRTUAL VISITS. READ THE ATTACHMENTS BELOW FOR INSTRUCTIONS.

Attached you will find English Language Documentation:

We will call you to reschedule your appointment.

Please let us know if you need anything.

            Office: 541-771-1765

            Dr. Panchura: 541-788-0878


La Gobernadora de Oregon ha ordenado que todos los procedimientos dentales no emergentes (incluido ortodoncia) se pospongan hasta el 15 de junio. No veremos a nuestros pacientes programados regularmente en la oficina. Sin embargo, para mantener su progreso, realizaremos VISITAS VIRTUALES. LEA LOS ADJUNTOS A CONTINUACIÓN PARA INSTRUCCIONES.

Adjunto encontrará:

Nosotros le llamaremos para reprogramar su cita.

Por favor, háganos saber si necesita algo.

Office: 541-771-1765

Dr. Panchura: 541-788-0878


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