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Help A Smile for Kids Raise $$$$

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

A Local mortgage company, Mann Mortgage, in Redmond, Oregon is giving away money to two non-profit organizations each quarter of the year. They use proceeds from funded loans to support their local community and we think that's absolutely awesome!

A Smile for Kids would like to be one of those lucky recipients! You don't have to live in Redmond to vote. You simply copy the text in Dark Blue (make sure A Smile for Kids is one of your selected non-profit organizations) and email it to before December 31, 2021. Please include your name and city so they don't get duplicate votes.

"Mann Mortgage would like your help in choosing 2 local non-profits to donate to every quarter. We are committed to making a donation back to our community for every loan we close! Write down two local charities that are important to you. We will pick the charities based on your recommendations!"

Hi Lisa Hevern at Mann Mortgage -

For the fourth quarter 2021, I would like to vote for the following non-profits as my favorite organizations in Redmond, Oregon:

  1. A Smile for Kids

  2. (Add a second Redmond, Oregon non-profit organization here if you know of one)



City, State

If you live in Central Oregon you can also hand to one the following Loan Officers:

Mann Mortgage: Giving Back to Our Community, One Loan at a Time!

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