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Got any sneakers you don’t use anymore?

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Got any sneakers you don’t use anymore? A Smile for Kids can help you make a difference. After receiving a tip from one of our generous donors in Florida, we looked into a really cool organization that recycles donated sneakers by collecting sneakers from countries like the U.S. and sending them to people who need shoes in developing countries around the world. With the intent to provide walking shoes to people who make long daily treks to collect water or participate in school, it’s clear that is hitting the right note. A Smile for Kids offer the kids in our program to hone in on leadership and presentation skills by placing a collection bin in their school and other public places. This has given them something to own and help create funds for A Smile for Kids in the process as we receive up to $3 per pair of sneakers. In addition, we have been asked by companies if they can put a collection bin in their location. St. Charles hospital in Central Oregon has really spearheaded that for us. The program is still brand new for us so we are testing the waters with a few locations, but we will keep you updated via this newsletter. 

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