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Esmeralda Makes Everyone Proud

As a high school athlete who loves to be active, Esmeralda has a natural drive to challenge herself and excel in sports. Whether it's soccer, softball, or wrestling (which is just AWESOME by the way), she does it all and with full commitment to be successful. Keeping that in mind, it's heartbreaking to hear the remarks that peers make around the look of teeth, which has absolutely nothing to do with abilities or excellence.

Teasing hurts in such a deep way, but even so, Esmeralda was committed to finding a solution for that too. Her dentist describes her as "polite and knowledgable" and armed with knowledge, she was referred to us and she was off to the races.

After going through the 2-year treatment with Dr. Buck in Klamath Falls, you can see very obviously that Esmeralda has every reason to smile. Thank you for being in our program Esmeralda - we love your commitment to breaking down barriers for others!

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