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Spirit Mountain Community Fund issues $44,000 grant to A Smile for Kids

Spirit Mountain Community Fund issues $44,000 grant to A Smile for Kids and helps deliver orthodontic services to under-resourced kids in 11 counties covered by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. This grant allows A Smile for Kids to address more under-resourced kids who are suffering from bullying and ridicule because people are making fun of their seriously misaligned teeth. The $44,000 will help us provide orthodontic treatment, improve health and resilience with kids in 11 counties and 9 tribal areas. In addition, we will play a part in lifting graduation rates and volunteerism in all 11 counties. We are proud to honor the trust that Spirit Mountain Community Fund has in our program and look forward to working with families and kids who need our services in those 11 counties.

Mercedes (above photo)  is one of the lucky first kids to benefit from the generous grant. As you can probably tell from the photos, Mercedes has an awesome, outgoing personality and loves to sing, dance at Pow Wows, draw, sew and cook. We love that kind of energy!

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