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A Smile for Kids Earns 2023 Guidestar Candid Gold Seal of Transparency

As a non-profit organization, our credibility and transparency are paramount to our operations at A Smile for Kids (ASK). It's with great pride and joy that we announce we've earned the Guidestar Candid 2023 Gold Seal of Transparency!

This accomplishment is not just a golden seal of approval or a mere feather in our cap; it's a testament to the unwavering commitment we have to our mission. This achievement is all about the children we serve, the donors who trust us, and the brighter futures we aim to create.

What is the Guidestar Candid Gold Seal of Transparency?

Guidestar Candid is a leading source of non-profit information, providing data on 2.7 million current and formerly IRS-recognized nonprofits. Their Gold Seal of Transparency is a globally acknowledged standard that distinguishes non-profit organizations that are exceptionally transparent in their operations.

To earn the Gold Seal, an organization must provide up-to-date information about its mission, operations, board leadership, programs, financial health, and progress towards its goals. This rigorous and comprehensive vetting process is designed to provide potential donors and stakeholders with a clear understanding of the organization's operations, and how effectively it uses its resources.

What Does This Mean for Our Donors?

For our donors, the Guidestar Candid Gold Seal offers an invaluable assurance of trust. It confirms that ASK not only meets, but exceeds the standards of fiscal responsibility and transparency. It assures you that we are dedicated to using every donation in the most effective and responsible way possible.

In an era where philanthropy is as critical as ever, we understand that donors want to ensure their hard-earned money is making a genuine impact. This is why we are committed to maintaining the high standards of transparency and accountability that the Guidestar Candid Gold Seal represents.

The ASK Promise

The ASK mission is simple: to create smiles that change lives. We do this by funding orthodontic treatments for children from low-income families, who otherwise couldn’t afford it. By boosting their self-esteem and confidence, we're helping shape a more promising future for these young individuals. The Gold Seal of Transparency underscores our commitment to this mission, proving that we're achieving it with the utmost integrity and accountability.

While we're grateful for this recognition, we realize it’s not an endpoint. We view this as a challenge to continue improving, to raise the bar even higher in terms of our transparency and impact. Our ultimate goal is not only to create more smiles but to do so in a way that engenders the utmost trust from our donors, volunteers, and the communities we serve.

A Thank You to Our Donors and Supporters

As we celebrate this achievement, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has been part of our journey. Your belief in our cause and your generous contributions have been instrumental in helping us reach this milestone. With your continued support and trust, we are confident of creating more smiles, impacting more lives, and building a brighter future for our kids.

Thank you for standing by us and for helping make ASK a symbol of transparency, trust, and transformation.

To learn more about ASK, our operations, or to make a donation, please visit our website. Together, we can continue to spread smiles that change lives.

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