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7 New orthodontists partner with A Smile for Kids...

7 New orthodontists partner with A Smile for Kids across Oregon and we love what their patients are saying about them. The common denominator for all the orthodontists who recently joined A Smile for Kids is their sincere care for their patients. Don't take our word for it, you can check them out for yourself:

Dr. Kate Quas - Bluefish Dental

Dr. Cole Johnson - Johnson Family Orhtodontics

Dr. Alex Vo - Advantage Dental - Advantage Dental from DentaQuest

Dr. Vonny Ngantung- Northwest Orthodontists

Dr. Keyan Botsford - Botsford Family Orthodontics

Dr. Joseph R. Gregg - Brace Your Smile

Dr. Blair Struble - Struble Orthodontics

Dr. Erica Crosta - Struble Orthodontics

Thank you to every orthodontist on this list for giving us a chance to work with you to improve the lives of Oregon kids and creating resilience in our communities.

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