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This is one of those stories where you might think "how did this kid make it through and how do I get some of that spirit?"

Zachary was home schooled and didn't start public school until 4th grade, when his mom passed away from cancer on Mother's Day in 2018.

Since then he has matured and blossomed - so much so that he was nominated and earned

a spot on the Forum for Future Leaders at Northwestern University. When the pandemic eases and allows us to travel more freely, Zachary will be introduced to studies in science, technology, engineering, medicine and crime investigation at the university.

Zac is receiving his orthodontic treatment from Dr. Bickler Orthodontics in The Dalles and of course he's excited about completing the transformation. He is just an awesome kid and we love to get updates from his grandmother. Zachary's grandmother is his rock and as they live together she's able to offer a glimpse into his daily life:

"Zac is doing great! We're homeschooling 3 days a week and he's getting a jump on 6th grade math via Khan Academy.

Also, he does essay work: He can pick any subject, science or history based, watch 3 documentaries and research 3 websites, make proper citations for them, outline his notes then hand write the essay which covers writing form, i.e. flow, cohesiveness, spelling and grammar, penmanship and neatness. His pup and the pool provide PE. 

The head gear and retainer are already making a noticeable difference.

He's really happy and actually enjoys his agenda".

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