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Welcome to the ASK team!

We are delighted to introduce and warmly welcome Kasey Edwards to the A Smile for Kids (ASK) team! Serving the pediatric dental community since 2012, Kasey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team.

For eight years, she dedicated her services as a Restorative Dental Hygienist in a pediatric dental office in Washington state. During this period, Kasey not only showcased her exceptional skills in dental procedures but also displayed an innate ability to bond with children and guardians, always emphasizing the importance of understanding oral health in a caring and comforting ambiance.

Upon relocating to the city of Bend, Oregon, Kasey undertook the role of Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator for a prominent multi-location pediatric dental office. With her at the helm, the office's social media channels thrived. She masterfully crafted content that bolstered the company's digital footprint and efficiently spearheaded multiple advertisement campaigns and sponsorship initiatives.

Now as a part of the ASK team, Kasey's enthusiasm shines through. She deeply resonates with our mission, understanding the immense value of orthodontic care in enriching both the physical and emotional well-being of young individuals. To Kasey, it’s more than just a job - it's a privilege to contribute to the life-changing smiles of countless deserving youths.

Outside the professional realm, Kasey is a true explorer at heart. Alongside her husband and two adorable children, she loves uncovering new culinary delights in eateries around the city. And if you're looking for Kasey during her downtime, you might find her indulging in some heartwarming moments with cats and dogs or diligently refining her tennis skills, one swing at a time. :)

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Kasey! We are ecstatic to have her onboard and are confident that our sponsors, donors, business partners, and the entire dental and orthodontic community in Oregon will benefit from her dedication.

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