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Update: Paola

Can you imagine that this person used to be shy and self-conscious? We can’t either, but when Paola was referred to us by a professional from FAN in Central Oregon, those were typically the words used to describe her. After starting treatment with Dr. Juliana Panchura , things moved forward in an exciting direction for Paola and her search for strength and self-confidence has inspired many people. Most kids in the ASK program go

through tremendous changes when it comes to self-perception and esteem just by the nature of the changes in their looks, but the really exciting part of the change actually happens in the monthly volunteer work and a super-focused effort on increasing grades. Both elements provide inner strength and a belief in Self that external changes cannot accomplish alone.

At ASK, we usually try to help kids find places to volunteer if they can’t think of a place that needs their help or if the opportunities are slim to non-existent. That was not the case for Paola. During evening classes for adults at a local High School, it became apparent that more adults would attend if there were a resource on the premises for taking care of their children. Paola stepped in and offered to tutor the kids while their parents attended classes and as a consequence of her work with tutoring, she continued helping at an elementary school with homework club. Imagine what kind of impact Paola has had on so many people’s lives!

That’s the kind of stuff ASK is lucky enough to be a part of. We want you to hear these stories and share the “goosebumps” moments with us.

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