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Update: Kelli

Life can be tough for all teenagers, but Kelli’s exposure to adversity was a little more intense than for most since she had a parent diagnosed with Parkinson's and Dementia when Kelli was younger. This has been traumatic for Kelli, and it’s tough to imagine any kid surfacing from that without trauma. In addition, her low self-esteem due to the look of her her teeth

One day, Kelli was referred to A Smile for Kids by a very supportive health care professional. Here’s what that professional said about Kelli:

“Kelli is one of the most special teenagers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She has triumphed over many very difficult obstacles and remains very close to her family. I feel that this girl deserves a smile that matches her soul so she can have the confidence to reach her full potential”

This started something cool and throughout Kelli’s orthodontic treatment she improved her grades and volunteered at an animal sanctuary to fulfill the ASK volunteer requirements.

Kelli’s self-confidence was all of a sudden visible to everyone

As you can probably sense in this photo, Kelli has a new outlook on life.

A Smile for Kids is very proud to have been touched by Kelli’s story and we can’t wait to hear what she does in the future.

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