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Update: David

To best illustrate what an impact braces have had on David, here are a few excerpts from the professional who referred him to A Smile for Kids:

“David’s sense of humor and wittiness is a huge part of his personality, however, it’s rare to see him smiling in a picture. In my conversations with David, I’ve learned that he’s very shy about his teeth. I try to make him better about it, but in all my years as a professional, I have not met a student with such a high need for orthodontic services.

David tells me he’s very embarrassed by the appearance of his teeth. He says he gets teased quite a bit and even his own friends give him a hard time, and although he tries to brush it off it really hurts”.

As you can tell, motivating yourself every day to go out and be your best is just not that easy when your social mirror keeps reminding you that you are somehow different. A Smile for Kids is helping kids dig deep to find their confidence so they, in turn, can be upstanders and help others be exactly who they need to be.

Dr. Allen Kerr provided orthodontic treatment for David and Dr. Nick Mellum, donated the funding for his braces through Sponsor A Smile. Throughout treatment, David kept his grades up and volunteered at the local library and with support from his sponsors.

Thank you to everyone who came together to make this happen and thank you, David, for taking the opportunity and running with it.

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