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UniteUs Northwest Community Referral System

A Smile for Kids has joined the Northwest referral system UniteUs, which facilitates referrals between all health and social care services in Oregon.

This means that ASK now has the ability to send a direct HIPAA compliant referral to health and social care professionals if we pick up on strong needs for the families we interact with. It also means that anyone in Oregon who is part of the referral system (county, state, community based organizations) can refer a child directly to us by searching for "orthodontic services".

ASK is the only organization that offers orthodontics for 11-17 year old kids in the system and the services we can refer a struggling family to are endless.

Network partners are connected to each other through Unite Us‘ shared technology platform. Unite Us’ intuitive platform supports meaningful collaboration, community-wide care coordination, and secure, bidirectional data sharing.

  • Unite Us builds HIPAA, SAMHSA, 42 CFR Part 2, and FERPA-compliant networks in which appropriate viewing permissions are assigned for sensitive classes of information.

  • All network information is dually protected by secure technology and user procedures. The network is routinely audited for digital security.

  • Consent is required from every person who has a client record in the network before information is shared.

This is just another step in connecting ASK even more closely with the entire network social and health care services in Oregon, ultimately serving our kids and their families better.

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