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Oregon's Orthodontists Donate $135,404 in Services to ASK in 2021

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

A Smile for Kids (ASK) has been incredibly lucky to receive support from over 52 Orthodontic locations in Oregon in 2021, in the form of in-kind credits for services valued at $135,404! The orthodontic community in Oregon is amazing and we literaly could not achieve the results we do without our partnering orthodontists.

Most of Oregon's orthodontists partner with ASK, and in 2021 the following practices, many in multiple locations, treated ASK kids and helped us provide equitable access to braces, in exchange for the ASK kids delivering good grades and volunteer services:

  • Great Grins for Kids

  • Gentle Dental - Medford

  • Johnson Family Orthodontics

  • Klamath Falls Orthodontics

  • McEntire Dental

  • Niles Orthodontics

  • North Portland Orthodontics

  • Ohana Orthodontics

  • Optimal Orthodontics

  • Grinz For Kids

  • Paventy & Brown Orthodontics

  • A Kidz Dental Zone

  • Riverstone Orthodontics

  • Rosenzweig Orthodontics

  • Smile Keepers - Lancaster

  • Smile Keepers - McMinville

  • South Salem Orthodontics

  • Struble Orthodontics

  • Sullivan Orthodontics

  • Sunnyside Orthodontics

  • Sunnyslope Dental

  • The Brace Place

  • Valley View Orthodontic

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