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New Process for Applying to ASK

The new Oregon Health Plan/Medicaid Orthodontic benefit took effect on January 1, 2023.

The ASK program is available for kids 11-17 years old, who have a severe need for braces but do not qualify for the new OHP orthodontic benefit. With this benefit in place, you will need to follow the steps outlined below before applying to ASK:

  1. Contact your Dental Care Organization (DCO), for example, Advantage Dental, Capitol Dental Care, ODS Community Dental, Family Dental Care, etc. ASK them which dentist or orthodontist you should schedule a consultation with to see if your child qualifies for the new Medicaid orthodontic benefit.

  2. If your DCO is unable to provide you with an answer, contact your Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) for example PacificSource, Health Share of Oregon, Trillium Community Health Plan, IHN-CCO, etc. They are responsible for paying your DCO for oral health care.

You can find all the contact information for both the DCOs and CCOs by clicking the links in the text above.

If you have any challenges with the process, please email for assistance.

Kind regards,

Christian Moller-Andersen

Exec. Director, A Smile for Kids

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