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Mercedes - Update

With hair nearly two foot long, Mercedes knew she had something that other people could only hope for and this helped her decide to donate it ALL to people who had lost their hair to cancer. Here's what her mom sent us:

"We all have loved ones who are either battling cancer, cancer survivors, or have lost loved ones due to cancer. Yesterday was a very emotional day for me when one of my beautiful daughters, Mercedes came to me and expressed her desire to make an extreme choice to shave all her beautiful hair off in honor and of supporting those who are battling with cancer, cancer survivors, or have made their journey home due to cancer".

"She caught me off guard; at first, I was not quite sure how I felt about her going to that extreme! As emotional as it was, it was also a loving and beautiful thing for her to want to do. Despite my feelings of her desire to do this, I agreed to let her shave her head, but she could feel my doubt and then she expressed to me 'mom I know you’re overwhelmed and not sure how to feel about me wanting to do this but this is something I really want to do. To show my, love, honor, support and respect for all those who have had to deal with cancer. Mom I also want you to know that I am aware that my hair is my strength, but do not worry mom my hair will grow back. I want to show my honor for cancer survivors, those battling

cancer and those loved ones who have passed on due to cancer'.

I wanted to share this story with you all. I am so very proud of my beautiful daughter “Sades”. I am proud to be her mother. For her desire to express her love and honor for those who all are fighting cancer, cancer survivors, and those who have had their loved ones pass on due to cancer".

Thank you Mercedes for stepping out boldly and giving someone else a chance! We are proud of you too!

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