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Kaleb Shows Us How It's Done!

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Kaleb before braces

For most of his school life, Kaleb struggled with grades, mostly because of challenges speaking and ridicule from some of his peers due to severely misaligned teeth. Pronunciations and eating/chewing are both massive challenges when you have crossbite of this magnitude, in spite of that Kaleb kept on plugging away as best as he could.

Kaleb's drive to make this happen, and his father's support through the whole thing enabled him to lift his grades to A's and B's, so before long, Dr. LeMert of LeMert Orthodontics was able getting him into braces and off to the races after A Smile for Kids received the referral from Dr. Keith Huff at South Coast Family Dentistry. Kaleb continues to be successful in school and we are all inspired by him.

As a natural extension of being kind, well mannered and committed to making this work, Kaleb found a great way to volunteer at the Inland Point Retirement community, where he has been helping with activities, cleaning up and overall assisting where needed. The team at A Smile for Kids especially loves the connection between the younger and the more mature demographics so we couldn't be any happier with Kaleb. You Rock!

Kaleb with braces - awesome smile!

A great big "Thank You" go to Kaleb's dad Joseph for making this work, Dr. LeMert for partnering with A Smile for Kids to treat Kaleb, South Coast Family Dentistry and Kaleb's Principal for seeing the potential in Kaleb and referring him to ASK. In addition, we'd like to thank all donors and sponsors who make this all possible.

What a difference it makes to have people like Kaleb in the world!

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