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Juan just got his braces off

Juan just got his braces off and he sent us a special "I heart A Smile for Kids" photo. Here's what Juan said about his experience with A Smile for Kids and Dr. Buck and his team: "First of all, I appreciate the ASK program, which helped a lot with payments. The volunteer work was a huge learning experience and I thank Dr. Buck and his staff for helping me. If not for them I would not have this new amazing bright smile that I get to show off every day."

Again I'd like to thank you and everyone who helped make this happen for me, "thank you" could never be said more than now. As you can probably tell from his "before" photo, Juan is a naturally happy kid who endured lots of ridicule from several directions. Of course, that had a strong effect on his grades, but he was able to lift his grades in order to get into the ASK program and has done what he could to keep them up. His volunteer work was at a middle school.

All this adds up to a more resilient person who most importantly stands up for himself, but also stands up for other kids whenever he witnesses bullying.

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