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Juan Got his braces on and look at that smile...

Juan is one of those kids who truly stands out from his peers. He has been his own strongest advocate as a participant in the ASK program. From day 1, Juan has impressed the ASK staff by making volunteer opportunities and grades happen and creating the changes himself. This guy is truly driven and will experience tons of success in his future. He just needed a break with his braces and that’s why we are here.

Although Juan is proactive about his braces, we usually find that many of the kids we work with need a little more encouragement and usually excel a higher rate when they have an adult in their lives who act as their advocate. If you know a kid who needs a friendly nudge in life - step in.

His orthodontist, Yenne & Schofield, agrees that Juan is a model patient. Thank you for taking this on and running with it Juan!

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