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Since Jordyn got his braces last year from Dr. Andy Bennion Orthodontics and Team in Eugene, lots of changes have happened.

Jordyn's dad is raising him on his own after Jordyn's mom passed away. Of course several rough spots on the way, but Jordyn's dad is doing what he can to make sure his son is supported and has the best start in life that he can give him.

When we first met the family, we were told that Jordyn really didn't care for school photos and rarely smiled. Here's what we just received from his dad:

"We appreciate your help and everything Smile For Kids has done... his confidence is wayy up... before the braces getting a smile from him was tough!"

This is exactly what we're after. ASK is not only interested in "fixing" smiles, but actually in affecting a change in self perception of the kids and touch the social determinants that govern our chances in life. By providing this opportunity to underserved kids in Oregon, which doesn't offer orthodontic treatment as part of the Medicaid program, we hope to increase health in all our communities.

We are proud of you Jordyn!!!

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