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Jordan Update

Jordan was raised by his Great Grand Parents in a small rural community in Oregon and one of those kids who just won't accept grades below an "A". He also plays on his school's football team and volunteered at church and the local Chamber of Commerce. An All-Around American Kid.

Before he received races, Jordan pointe don't that his conversations were often sidetracked by his friends because they would call out the need for him to get braces and get "his teeth fixed". It was embarrassing for Jordan, but most of all it was irritating for a kid who just wanted to talk without people focusing on his teeth.

Because of Jordan's outgoing personality, he was invited to represent all ASK kids in a fundraising event ASK arranged in 2017. Many donors got to meet him at the event and of course, everyone loved talking to him.

Jordan's treatment was sponsored by Dr. Mike and Kim Shirtcliff and as you can see, nobody asks him about his teeth anymore. Awesome kid!

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