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Jennava (Jenna)

When your teeth are coming in sideways and they start to hurt - there's really no other way around it than getting braces. That's a rough realization when you consider that braces are often around $6000 now and with new developments in technology and increasing demands on the orthodontists skills it doesn't look like that amount is getting any lower. That's where A Smile for Kids (ASK) come in!

Jenna's grandparents knew that we would be able to help and after the initial consultation with Dr. Niles from Niles Orthodontics in Eugene it was clear that we definitely needed to help Jenna. By working with a professional to send us the referral, we found Jenna and we are happy we did.

Jenna is all done with her orthodontic treatment now - and it'll take some practice to smile

big when you're used to hiding your teeth. She will be a senior at Corvallis High School in the fall and wants to attend a 4 year college in Oregon after that. Jenna started working at her first job recently and is happy with the new independence. Throughout most of her treatment, Jenna lived with her grand parents and is now thriving with her Aunt.

During the initial parts of her braces and to follow the ASK requirement of volunteering 4 hours per month, Jenna volunteered at local library helping with shelving materials, cleaning books and toys, keeping children's area clean and helping with youth programs. She later changed to volunteered as child care provider at her local church.

We just wanted to share the happiness that comes with this and some of the unexpected joys of getting braces (and getting them off) - We are excited about Jenna's future.

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