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Equitable Access in Orthodontics - Webinar

Did you miss A Smile for Kids webinar "Equitable Access in Orthodontics"? if so, here's your chance to catch the recorded version where we discuss the role of access to orthodontics in health outcomes for underserved youth.

Orthodontics does more than straighten smiles, especially for young people who desperately need it. A Smile for Kids fills a gap in Medicaid coverage by providing much-needed orthodontic care to diverse young people across Oregon.

Why does this access matter? What are the equity and health outcomes related to this care?

Hear from ASK Executive Director Christian Moller-Andersen how access to orthodontics can:

• Better young people’s overall health and self-confidence

• Develop resilience in youth who have experienced trauma

• Increase equitable outcomes for underserved populations

We’ll hear from panelists:

• Angela Sears, Program Coordinator, Spirit Mountain Community Fund

• Sara Mishalanie, Community Research Liaison, OHSU Community Research Hub in Central Oregon.

Check out the recording here: Recorded Webinar Zoom

Or on Facebook here: Recorded Webinar Facebook

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