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Edward recently had his braces removed and what a pleasure to have had both him and his brother Oliver in the ASK program.

Both boys are smart and ambitious. While Oliver is currently applying for scholarships, Edward is also strategizing on where he wants to attend college.

He has a GPA of 4+ and continues to do his volunteer work even though he isn't required to do so (he says he likes it).

Equally enjoyable and impressive is Edward's whole family. They are a hard-working family who doesn't take anything for granted. All five kids are so well mannered and their home is warm and welcoming. Edward's mom gave ASK a gift of a small succulent that she was growing on her porch so we feel like we have a little piece of Edward's family here now.

When ASK called to do a post-exit interview with Edward, each member of the family got on the phone to say “thank you”. Truly an awesome family.

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