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Supporting A Smile for Kids (ASK) through Fred Meyer Community Rewards: A Small Gesture with a Big Impact

Imagine a world where every smile radiates with confidence, where children are free from the ridicule that comes with severely crooked teeth, and where every young person feels valued, cherished, and connected to their community. For many children, a confident smile seems out of reach, but with the collective effort of our community, we can transform these dreams into reality.

A Smile for Kids (ASK), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is on a mission to change the trajectory of underserved youth's lives. These are young individuals who have severe needs for orthodontic treatment, but due to various circumstances, find it unattainable. The children in the ASK program don't just get a smile; they receive an opportunity. An opportunity to break free from the torment of bullying, to restore their self-esteem, and to actively participate in their community. By setting grade and volunteer requirements, ASK ensures these children not only achieve a radiant smile but also a brighter future by graduating high school and becoming integral parts of their community.

Now, imagine if there was a way for you to contribute to this noble cause without actually taking any money out of your pocket. Sounds too good to be true, right? Thanks to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program, this isn't just a pipe dream. Fred Meyer has devised an innovative way to allow its customers to donate to the charities of their choice without affecting their rewards, points, or savings. It's a win-win scenario: you continue to earn your rewards, and simultaneously, you make a valuable contribution to a child's future.

Currently, 42 families across Oregon have linked their Fred Meyer rewards card with ASK. We are appealing to your sense of community and charity to help us reach our goal of 100 families. Achieving this milestone would make a considerable difference to the number of lives we can touch and transform.

Why Choose “A Smile for Kids”?

There are undoubtedly numerous deserving charities out there. But the tangible, immediate, and lasting change that ASK facilitates is unmatched. A child's smile is more than just a set of straight teeth. It's a manifestation of their self-worth, their confidence, and their potential. By supporting ASK, you're not only funding orthodontic treatments but investing in a brighter future for these children. In addition, ASK has also been awarded the GuideStar 2023 Gold Seal of Transparency as well as the BBB Charity Accreditation.

How Does It Work? The process is simple:

1. If you already have a Fred Meyer rewards card (or use your phone number), all you need to do is log into your Fred Meyer loyalty card account and select “Community Rewards”

2. Select “A Smile for Kids” (LU052) as your community organization when you use your loyalty card

3. If you're new to Fred Meyer, getting a rewards card is easy and free. Once you have it, follow the above link to attach your rewards to ASK.

4. Every time you shop at Fred Meyer or any Kroger Store and use your rewards card, a donation is made to A Smile for Kids. Remember, this doesn't affect your rewards or savings in any way.

Let's ensure that every child in our community has the chance to beam with pride and confidence. Support A Smile for Kids through the Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Let's aim to reach, if not exceed, our goal of 100 families. Together, we can make Redmond not just a place of commerce and business but a beacon of hope, kindness, and generosity.

Thank you for considering this appeal. Here's to brighter smiles and brighter futures!

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