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Donate Someone Else's Money

Ever have that urge to help a non-profit that strikes a nerve with you (hopefully that's A Smile for Kids), but there's too much month left and not enough paycheck? A Smile for Kids currently participates in two programs that reward their shoppers by donating funds to the non-profit of their choice - and there is no out of pocket cost to you.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards donate funds directly from Kroger to A Smile for Kids, without touching your discounts, gas rewards, and coupons. All you have to do is just:

  • Log in to your Fred Meyer/Kroger account (free):

  • Left side click "Community Rewards"

  • Change or add organization to "A Smile for Kids" (our code is LU502)

  • Done! and Thank you very much!

Amazon has a very similar program called Amazon Smile. Again, there is absolutely no out-of-pocket cost to you, A Smile for Kids receives 0.5% of all eligible purchases directly from Amazon - not from you or any discounts you might have. To register initially you do the following:

  • On a PC/Mac go to

  • Log into your regular Amazon Account

  • Click the three little bars in the upper left (menu button)

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom

  • Click "Your AmazonSmile"

  • Change or add your current charity to "A Smile for Kids"

  • Done! And again - Thank you very much.

Now when you need something from Amazon, you just do this:

  • From an iPhone, Visit in Safari (no smile app yet)

  • Shop using your normal Amazon login.

And if you just want to put your change to work, and you're not afraid to show it - try RoundUp App here:

This website and mobile applications will grab your change from any transactions you set up with your Debit or Credit Card. You set all the parameters and limits yourself and they can be changed any time if you feel short on cash at the end of the month.

Bottom line is that you probably won't notice the change donations to a Smile for Kids BUT we will definitely notice!!!! And we will send you our gratitude and positive vibes all day long! You should give it a try - it's kind of fun to see how you can affect change with your own change.

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