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For such an active kid who loves all the major sports in school, you wouldn't know that Carlos is overcoming some big challenges and he's doing it with a great approach to life. Like most of the kids in the ASK program, he has suffered from mean spirited bullying and careless jokes among his peers, but even so he perseveres.

When Carlos was younger, his parents separated and his mom left with his siblings for a

different state, leaving Carlos with his dad and grand parents. Ever since, his grandmother has made sure he gets to have the kinds of experiences that all kids should have and it is truly her wish that he received help from ASK with braces. We are definitely 100% in!!

We love the humble approach to life that Carlos has and we look forward to staying connected with Carlos as he moves forward in life.

Carlos got his braces from Dr. Juliana Panchura from Smile! Oregon in Bend and as soon as we have new photos of Carlos with his braces on - we will share the news.

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