Updated: May 5

ASK is so proud of Brian for working hard to get his braces. The cool thing about this scenario is that Brian has been motivated to change his grades himself and not just because someone has "pushed" him to excel.

In addition, Brian is one of those kids who never misses his monthly commitment to volunteering at the local food bank.

Because Brian is dedicated to maintaining these two commitments, he is exactly what we love to see - especially because the drive to succeed comes from inside the student themselves.

ASK feels that Brian is truly an example of a kid who has worked to improve his grades from D's and F's and completely turned that old story into a new awesome big win! We are proud of you Brian!

Brian is receiving his orthodontic treatment from by Dr. Durk Irwin


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ASK in Redmond, Oregon has a specific focus on identifying and helping kids that are suffering from ridicule and low self-esteem due to severely crooked teeth.

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