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Bottledrop Bags for A Smile for Kids – Get Your Free Bags Today

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Donating to a nonprofit organization can be a big challenge when you really believe in what they do, but your finances are limited. This is the case more than ever right now, but A Smile for Kids (ASK) is constantly searching for ways that allow you to help us financially without taking huge chunks out of your budget.

ASK has been set up as a recipient for a long time in Fred Meyer Community Rewards and Amazon Smile, but we now have an even more direct way for you to support kids in Oregon who have a severe need for braces and can’t afford the hefty price tag. We have been approved by Oregon’s Bottledrop system to receive funds from Oregonians donating their deposit bottles to us – and it’s way easier than it ever has been in the past.

You simply request a roll of 10 blue bags with QR codes that we have in our office, then fill and drop them off at one of these Bottledrop Locations all over Oregon. We strongly encourage you to continue to request bags from us when you start to run out. If you want to start small, we are also happy to send you one, two, or three individual bags. Your call!

Just email or call/text Christian @ 541-280-4214 to request and we will send you the bags free of charge.

ASK's first bag to be dropped off!

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