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Birthday Fundraiser Rounds Up $500 for A Smile for Kids!

We are so lucky to be the recipients of a beautiful birthday wish! Mary Liberty-Traughber built a fundraiser on her Facebook page as a way to celebrate her birthday and help A Smile for Kids. We just think that’s cool! THANK YOU, Mary! You ROCK!

If you would like to create a fundraiser on your FaceBook page or Instagram, please call or email Christian at 541-280-4214 or if you need help. Below is an example of the verbiage Mary used in her fundraising campaign for ASK:

This is a cause very dear to my heart so my birthday fundraiser is for A Smile for Kids. I've chosen this nonprofit because they do incredible work and have made a huge difference in the lives of many children. I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Check out their FB page to see the smiling faces of the kids whose lives have been changed for the better. The kids who benefit from this program are expected to maintain good grades and volunteer in their communities. A Smile for Kids (ASK) is dedicated to empowering under-resourced youth through orthodontics, education, and community service. While many consider orthodontic treatment, or “braces”, a cosmetic procedure, the daily reality for children with badly misaligned teeth and jaws is severe. Suffering from these conditions can cause poor dental health, oral disease, constant physical pain, poor school attendance, and the absence of positive social-peer relationships. ASK removes the obstacle of crooked teeth while requiring a high standard of grade performance and monthly community service; resulting in improved educational and job opportunities, and a current graduation rate of 94% (2014-2018) for kids completing the program.

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