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Benefits of a Giving Account - Create a Legacy

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Growing the American tradition of philanthropy is at the heart of our mission, and we are proud that two-thirds of our donors say they give more as a result of using a Giving Account®. In 2019, grants from Fidelity Charitable® donor-advised funds exceeded $7.3 billion – a massive positive impact on charitable causes!

Giving with a donor-advised fund, like the Giving Account®, is a smarter way to support charities while maximizing your charitable contributions and tax benefits.

Benefits of a Fidelity Charitable® Giving Account-

Low cost: The Giving Account has one of the lowest annual fees of any donor-advised fund and requires no minimum contribution to open.


Tax-efficient: Contributions are eligible for an immediate income tax deduction. Giving stock and other non-cash assets may minimize capital gains taxes.


Ability to grow charitable dollars tax-free: A robust menu of investment options is available to support short- and long-term philanthropic plans.

It’s not too late to start making more of a difference!

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