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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Augustin has been his own best advocate for braces. Rarely smiled for pictures because of self consciousness. At first Augustin's grades disqualified him from the ASK program, but as he realized what was within his control to remedy, he raised all his grades above the grade requirement that ASK has in place. A truly incredible accomplishment that ASK is proud of Augustin for managing.

In addition to working hard to change results in school, Augustin and his family also experienced enormous struggles with one of his siblings battling a life threatening illness.

After Augustin got his braces from Dr. Allen Kerr, he volunteered at the local foodbank for the duration of his treatment. On occasion, ASK will

get the question: "Don't you think it's a penalty to make the kids volunteer?", but the answer usually helps explain how volunteering adds value to the child's life, exposes them to career options and adds something to the resume where there might have been nothing before. Volunteering helps expand everyone's horizon and that's a good thing.

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