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ASK Receives a $50,000 Grant!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A Smile for Kids is incredibly grateful to receive a $50,000 Challenge Grant from Advantage Consolidated Board.

Advantage Consolidated Board is a group of currently practicing and retired dental and orthodontic professionals who affect positive change in local communities by supporting organizations like ASK.

That means that any funds you donate to ASK doubles up until we meet the $50,000 threshold from now until the end of the year. If you donate $10 ASK receives $20 and if you donate $3,000, ASK receives $6,000. You get the idea. In essence, A Smile for Kids can potentially end up with $100,000 from this matching grant between donations and the match.

Help us get to the $100,000 by donating here or creating your own fundraiser on Facebook.

We would be happy to help you setup a peer-to-peer fundraiser on Facebook if you need assistance. Just call/text or email Christian @ 541-280-4214 or

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