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ASK Receives $10,000 from the Daugherty Family Fund via OCF

A Smile for Kids is incredibly grateful for the support that the Daugherty Family Fund has shown through their generous donation to A Smile for Kids. We received the note from the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) that ASK had been granted $10,000 through their donor advised fund, compliments of the Daugherty Family Fund, and you can probably imagine what kind of impact it had on all of us, but especially what kind of impact this grant will have on the kids we serve and their access to orthodontics in Oregon. This money will change many lives profoundly!

As a private 501(c)3 non-profit, ASK works to find resources anywhere we can, whether that's individual donations, sponsorships, grants, corporate support or Facebook birthday fundraisers, you name it. Being the only organization in Oregon that helps under-served youths gain access to braces through grade and volunteer requirements costs a lot of money and it's opportunities like this that make it all worth it.

Thank you Daugherty Family Fund for your support!

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