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ASK Partners with OHSU

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

ASK is in the beginning phase of starting a partnership with the OHSU Community Research Hub to identify exactly how ASK affects health and social determinants in each local community. We are turning our attention towards data-driven and research-based approach to health equity outcomes.

This partnership involves a substantial research project with OHSU's Community Research Team which explores the impact ASK has on health equity outcomes for the youth we serve. We will keep you posted as we move further into the science behind the work A Smile for Kids does.

OCTRI (Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute) works to identify and understand the gaps and barriers for communities to engage in research and use data driven decision-making and evaluation to improve health in their communities.  Concurrently, OCTRI is committed to support researchers at OHSU in bringing their research to the community, through offering training, facilitating partnerships and providing local implementation support.

In connection with this research project, A Smile for Kids is hosting a webinar coming up on July 30, 2020, which explores health equity in the orthodontic world with additional guests from other community organizations. If you are interested in participating, please request an invitation by emailing Christian at

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