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ASK April Newsletter

ASK would like to welcome our new members!

The photo below shows, left to right: Michael Vendrame, Diane Lee, Maren Halsey, and Christian Moller-Andersen.

Diane Lee is ASK's new program Manager. She was originally from Eugene, Oregon and travelled to Texas for a career in auto accident insurance. She has extensive experience in customer service and is a wonderful fit for the position of Program Manager.

Joining ASK through the Youth Career Connect program, Maren Halsey is our new Social Media Manager. They were born and raised in Redmond, Oregon and are a student at Redmond Proficiency Academy. Outside of work, they have been involved in RPA's music and theatre programs.

A big shoutout to Brianna!

The photo above shows Brianna. She is a very gifted senior in high school, and has future plans to join the National Guard and become an officer. She is extremely dedicated and has made an incredible effort in becoming her best self.

"You don’t know what you’ve done for her, you've changed her whole life, she’s so motivated... She’s doing awesome and what ASK does is just awesome too. We could have not done it without ASK." - A quote from Brianna's aunt.

ASK is so proud of Brianna and we hope she keeps chasing her dreams and continues growing up to be someone amazing.

Progress Update- Ahani and Karolina!

Karolina (left) and Ahani (right) are two incredibly hardworking girls who volunteered at their local food bank and saw drastic improvement in their grades for the opportunity to get their new braces.

Congratulations to these two committed girls on their new smiles! ASK hopes they are happy and satisfied with their braces.

Thanks to Johnson Family Orthodontics!

Johnson Family Orthodontics in Salem, OR, work with their patients throughout the whole process of orthodontic treatment. They are extremely generous and caring with their kids, and do everything they can to make sure every individual child is well taken care of.

They've even developed an amazing thing called the Unicorn Program, which allows donations to be made for families in need of financial assistance. Thank you, Johnson Family Orthodontics, for being so amazing, and thank you for partnering with ASK!

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