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Updated: May 5, 2020

"So I'm kind of a naturally smiley person, and it's so great not having to put my hand over my mouth any more because of self-consciousness. I can take pictures with my friends and not feel like the ugly duckling. After going through the process of braces I feel way more confident and not just in my smiles but in all of my actions. I am more determined. I'm getting into the nursing program and I'm going to make a difference in so many lives, and I can't wait.

Volunteering taught me the value of hard work and showed me that eventually, that hard work does pay off. To everyone who was a part of my journey... I can't thank you and ASK enough."

Rita is one of 8 kids and when she was referred to ASK her family had been homeless for 4 years. She is full of personality, ambition, and a hard-working girl.

Rita received orthodontic treatment from Dr. Michael Chaffee.

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