JANUARY 20, 2020




Spirit Mountain Community Fund issues $44,000 grant to A Smile for Kids and helps deliver orthodontic services to under-resourced kids in 11 counties covered by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. This grant allows A Smile for Kids to address more under-resourced kids who are suffering from bullying and ridicule because people are making fun of their seriously misaligned teeth. The $44,000 will help us provide orthodontic treatment, improve health and resilience with kids in 11 counties and 9 tribal areas. In addition, we will play a part in lifting graduation rates and volunteerism in all 11 counties. We are proud to honor the trust that Spirit Mountain Community Fund has in our program and look forward to working with families and kids who need our services in those 11 counties. Mercedes (above photo)  is one of the first kids to benefit from the grant.








Irina just had her braces removed and what a game-changer it has been for her. We are so thankful to have been part of Irina’s journey these last two years and we truly know that she’s grown to be a resilient person who will stand up for others and who will not cave in when she meets resistance. Here’s an excerpt of a recent note from Irina: “You have changed my life. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did. I got bullied terribly for my teeth and having braces changed that. People stopped and it was a relief to not go home emotionally scarred every day. The day I got my braces off, many people complimented me and it felt great!”

Irina is one of those kids who just took this opportunity and ran with it. Volunteering 8 hours monthly in the Latino Community Association and her church as a daycare attendant and providing lessons for the kids as well as any other tasks required. 

Got any sneakers you don’t use anymore? A Smile for Kids can help you make a difference. After receiving a tip from one of our generous donors in Florida, we looked into a really cool organization that recycles donated sneakers by collecting sneakers from countries like the U.S. and sending them to people who need shoes in developing countries around the world. With the intent to provide walking shoes to people who make long daily treks to collect water or participate in school, it’s clear that is hitting the right note. A Smile for Kids offer the kids in our program to hone in on leadership and presentation skills by placing a collection bin in their school and other public places. This has given them something to own and help create funds for A Smile for Kids in the process as we receive up to $3 per pair of sneakers. In addition, we have been asked by companies if they can put a collection bin in their location. St. Charles hospital in Central Oregon has really spearheaded that for us. The program is still brand new for us so we are testing the waters with a few locations, but we will keep you updated via this newsletter. 






Upcoming Events: A Smile for Kids partner with Deschutes Brewery to raise funds through Community Pints during all 4 Tuesdays in February. This is an opportunity to show up and have a great time while generating donations to A Smile for Kids from Deschutes Brewery. We love what they do to help the non-profit organizations in Central Oregon and now you have a chance to participate too. 

Since opening the doors of our brew pub in beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon in 1988, Deschutes Brewery has been an integral part of the local community. We are always looking for ways to share our success with our community, which is why we contribute one dollar for every barrel of beer we sell to non-profit organizations throughout the communities in which we have set up shop – Central Oregon, Portland, Oregon and Roanoke, Virginia. We are also happy to support non-profit organizations doing splendid work throughout our distribution footprint with in-kind donations including beer and Deschutes Brewery branded swag.

Deschutes Brewery is all about supporting their community. They feel strongly that the most important thing they can do aside from making tasty beer is to honor their core value of helping to build a healthier society. Their current focus is on four main sectors, water and land conservation, hunger prevention and youth services. 

This program supports a different non-profit each month at their brick and mortar locations. For every pint sold on every Tuesday of the designated month, the non-profit will receive $1. At the end of the month, they tally up the number of pints sold and grant the non-profit with the funds. This program is a wonderful opportunity for non-profits to showcase their mission and rally support. Check out what your local location is up to each Tuesday and join the fun, knowing the pint in your hand is a $1 towards a worthy cause.

Message from the Director 

A Smile for Kids focus on removing or mitigating the immediate social barriers associated with misaligned teeth. In Oregon, kids do not receive help with orthodontic care unless there’s a health or medical issue with teeth misalignment. There is however no help for kids who suffer from medically non-necessary procedures. As you may have figured out, 8th grade is not known for the kindness and encouragement we receive from our peers when something looks “other” than the norm. 

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