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Click here to browse or bid in our Virtual Auction before May 19th, 9:00 PM. 

Have you ever wondered how you can gift something cool to loved ones, your work team, or yourself and benefit a non-profit organization in the process? Well here is your chance! 


Browse items here.


Join us for this online auction of Memorabilia, Travel, and Virtual Experiences that is now open for bidding until May 19 at 9:00 PM.  If you are the highest bidder, you will receive your auction item and authentication certificate shipped directly to your address in the United States of your choice. 


Feel free to browse the 21 AMAZING items and be sure to click the photos so you can see the video behind each auction item. 

A Smile for Kids is lucky to have this opportunity and during these challenging times, it is wonderful to dream a little. We had originally planned an auction with McMenamins in Eugene (which of course we had to cancel, so we like so many other organizations we have beefed up the number of items and moved it to virtual-only. 


The NFL Helmet and the Neil Young poster can be picked up in the ASK office in Redmond or we can ship to you. The other items will ship directly to you from our partners, Charity Fundraising ( for memorabilia and Winspire Concierge ( for travel and virtual experiences after you have paid the winning bid amount. 


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ASK in Redmond, Oregon has a specific focus on identifying and helping kids that are suffering from ridicule and low self-esteem due to severely crooked teeth.

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